DIY Hot Sauce-a-Go-Go


So one day you open the fridge and look in the veg drawer at the bottom; you know , the one filled with onion brown-paper-skins and that empty red netting that the garlic bulbs come in, and you are reminded of that carrier bag of hot peppers you enthusiastically picked from your Mother-in-law’s garden a couple of weeks ago.

Hmmm, what to do? There are only so many spicy fajitas and red curries you can do in a short period of time and it’s a shame to throw them away .

I took the chaos of odd shaped , sized and coloured peppers ; Spanish Reds, Jalapeños, Banana peppers and Green chilis and chopped them all finely, threw them into a small pan and covered them with sugar and some teaspoon of salt. I doused the lot in malt vinegar and put it on a low heat to simmer a while .


After I returned from the bathroom , my eyes still red and streaming after having forgotten to wash my hands before rubbing that itch, I added 4 cloves of garlic, crushed, and continued simmering (covered) over a low heat ….. in total it was about an hour and the aroma and texture was A …. Ma…. Zing.


After it had cooled slightly I tasted this sexy, red chutney ; rich, sweet and tangy ……. and  OMG-SPICY !

The appearance of the pieces and the seeds was interesting but not really what I had in mind when I envisioned a sauce so I threw everything into the blender and pureed it until smooth.

A night in the fridge firmed up this puree into a thick, smooth, syrupy sauce; dark red coloured and dark red flavoured. In short: an absolute winner in it’s own randomly thrown together way. A touch of this on a smoked turkey sandwich ? Hell Yeah!



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