Fruitful Ad-libery


That awkward moment when you look into the fridge and see all those fabulously good intentions still sitting there in their neat little packages , bags and boxes…. the 20 fruit yogurts , the two punnets of fresh strawberries…. languishing like inmates in a chilly white cell .

So as the rain fell and the wind raged outside in this unusually torrid January I had a rummage and guess what I came up with ….. No need . I’ll tell you myself .


It all began with this amazing recipe for pastry I invented by proxy …. or something kind of like that .. I think…….. proxy means by someone else or some such thing , right?

The thing is , I blindly thought it up , randomly pieced together a recipe , then googled a few key words and came across a post of the same thing; the same … but different !

I had no butter for the crust I wanted to make , so I thought  ” I know what! ” I’ll just add some oil” and so was the Olive Oil two-step crust-of-wonder born .

On this occasion I made a Sweet , non-olive oil version of this pastry … it’s so simple you could do it blindfolded.

2 1/4 cups  flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup any oil

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup  water

few drops of almond extract

Mix the water, oil , salt, sugar and almond extract together .

pour onto flour , stir until blended.

Form into a Ball .

Flatten out on paper. Rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.

I know ! Right?!

So, use this pastry to line a shallow Pie tin/pan/dish/whatever

Take a full Punnet ( one of those 1lb clear plastic boxes) of strawberries. Wash and dry them , hull and quarter them into a bowl.

Scatter liberally with Sugar … add a scraping of Lemon Zest and one heaping teaspoon of flour . Toss together until the strawberries are coated .

Dump into the tart crust .


A bit like this ……………..

Then in the same bowl mix together about a cup and half of flour , 3/4 cup of sugar , a tsp cinnamon . Take the trimmings of the pastry and crumble or grate that into the bowl too , mix well , add a half stick of butter and chop through until the mixture is crumbly … pile on top of the Strawberries.

Bake at 350f/175c for about half an hour . Trust me, it’ll be all you can do not to slice into that Puppy immediately ! Restrain yourself, though, cuz there’s more to come ……


It looks good enough to eat !


So then I was thinking “If we are going to be flattened by a tornado , we may as well go out with a complete dessert inside us” … So what goes with a fresh fruit tart? Whipped cream! Haven’t got any cream . Creme Anglaise! Too much hassle . Ice Cream ! Haven’t got any cream AND too much hassle.

Yogurt? hmmmm ….. evil grin.

So what do you do when you want to make frozen yogurt and you don’t have much time and you don’t have much in the way of ingredients and you don’t have an ice cream machine ?

You throw what you DO have into a ziploc bag ! Like,  Duh !

I took three pots of strawberry yogurt , tipped them into a bowl , mixed in half a cup of powder sugar , a  little squeeze from the lemon I’d zested earlier and one egg yolk …. mix mix mix .

 POUR INTO A LARGE ZIPLOC ! Keep the bowl to one side before you lick it… we are going to need it later . It can’t get any crazier . 

Seal , flatten out and lay flat in the freezer for a hour or so . Until Frozen …


Just before serving , remove the bag from the freezer … knead it a bit in you hands until it becomes malleable and turn out into the bowl you’d used to mix it in … I’m all for the minimum of dish-washing .

Take a potato masher/sturdy whisk / fork and mash the frozen mass until it’s smooth.


That’s it …. slice a big old wedge of that warm , aromatic Strawberry Tart and scoop and even bigger ball of frozen yogurt on top …


Cheap Class !


Let me tell you, you won’t regret it and you won’t want to share because this dessert is pretty damn sexy …..


We didn’t get Twistered off to the Land of Oz , luckily, so I think I’m going to have look what’s hiding in the pantry …… Watch Me !


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