Detox or not detox , that is the question.

20140106-151151.jpgMuch of the past week’s newsfeed has been dotted with posts about cleanses and detoxes after the holiday merriment and the kilos of poison and filth we have pumped into our systems in the name of Christ . Satan and his henchmen : Sugar and Gluten were in Christmas Town handing out free cake and booze and now it’s time to pay the piper.

Thing is, flushing your liver may sound refreshing but in reality it’s more about cleaning up your behaviour rather than purging out the sin.
The liver isn’t a sieve that gets clogged with ‘toxins’ and you can’t “flush it clean” like a bucket, it doesn’t work like that. The liver is more a chemical plant that identifies what’s passing through on the conveyor belt we call the bloodstream and produces neutralizing agents to break up the bad stuff into safe components and convert the more complex good stuff ( proteins and fats) into more easily usable parts. This is a constant process so anything you put into your body will cause your liver to work. Even your own saliva and snot ( yep! You’re constantly digesting it in your stomach, up to half a gallon a day ) will give your liver something to work on; it’s what it’s there for and it does very well without our help.
Being a foodie means I read a lot of blogs and articles and one thing I have noticed is that the people that eat the most healthy food are the ones that feel the need to cleanse and detox on a regular basis… I’m feeling the cleansing diet is more about what you’re not consuming rather than what you are. I mean , if you’re eating Doritos and KFC and getting shit-faced every day, simply stopping that is a detox in itself. You see, the human body is seeking equilibrium at all times and therefore every minute of your life you are detoxing.
If fasting , fruiting, juicing or dieting makes you feel good and happy by all means do it, because as long as you’re not ‘toxing’ you’re de-toxing and that ‘good and happy’ is , in my humble opinion, the best detox there is!